Digital Confidence Profile

To be able to set my digital literacies goals and learn how to develop them, I took the digital confidence profile. Because we don’t all start in the same place, through it I was able to discover my areas of strength and weakness. It allowed me to see which areas I should give more attention to and improve in. My results were not fully what I expected they showed that my strongest suit is communication and collaboration, which I was shocked by because I feel like I get shy and anxious when I talk in front of people. But this is an area I’ve been working on in the past year to improve so I’m proud that I got more confident. I was able to see that skill grow specifically through my Soliya sessions and in class participation and activities. 

The results also showed that I was comfortable in multiple skills like, “Find & Use,” “Identity & Wellbeing,” and “Teach & Learn.” I am comfortable in these skills because of the repetitive need to use them in assignments and projects for school. I am familiar with looking for and using relevant websites and sources for the multiple research papers I did throughout my academic life. I learned over time which sources are useful which are not, etc. But I wouldn’t consider myself confident because sometimes I struggle to find what I need through certain platforms, like when I was first using the AUC bookstore/ library system for a research paper. As for identity and well-being, I learned a lot this semester about how things last online and never truly get deleted, etc. So, my knowledge of safety online is comfortable, which made me more careful with my online usage and what I post or research because I became aware of the matter. As for learning, I’ve always been exposed to the latest applications and websites to enhance my learning, whether that was at school using Edline or Portal, or in university using Blackboard, Connect, the SU apps, or Slack. I have always been familiar and comfortable using these platforms for learning. 

Lastly, the results showed I am competent in “Create & Innovate” and “Tools and Technology”. I think that’s fairly accurate because I have the basic skills to create a new resource through technology but only if I have to do it, I don’t enjoy doing it. I’m also, average in terms of using technology and the apps in it, I learn its features and that’s about it, I don’t go through any of the settings or change anything unless I feel the need to. I know that creating through technology is not my strongest suit, and it’s a skill I should focus on building and widening my learning in, but its not a skill I often require. What I need to do I know how to do, and because I don’t like it I don’t think I would choose the tinkering path. 

From reading “Knowing the Difference Between Digital Skills and Digital Literacies, and Teaching Both” I was able to learn the exact differences between digital skills and digital literacies. I learned that digital skills have to do with what and how, it has to do learning the skill, for example learning how to download images from the internet to a PowerPoint.  While digital literacy has to do with why, when and for whom, which means learning it would be through learning which pictures are appropriate and relevant to use, how to cite, and the copyright licensing. As well as learning what to do when I need an alternative text, how to research this image from sources that ensure full permissions, like we learned in class. Another difference between them is, that digital skills focuses on which tool to use, like PowerPoint, Google Slides, Slack etc. While digital literacies have to do with which platform is more appropriate? How to protect yourself online more? What is the risk from sharing online? 

I believe my digital literacies are strong due to the demands of my academic life, school and university demand students to be aware and always improve their digital literacies. As learning now has become fully delivered through technological means. For example, all our assignments require research, so I learned how to find, evaluate sources of information. As well as write it and present it in an appropriate manner to my classmates and professor. I also learned how to use images, audios, and videos to better present my idea, or learn new material. I learned how to cite and how different sources require different processes. I also know the importance of copyright and that I must get permission. I am also aware of the general idea of online safety, and that whatever I post or write online stays online forever, so I should be careful. So, I believe my digital literacies are above average, but my digital skills can be improved on, and improving them will enhance my digital literacies. 

As a college student I write papers almost every week for my classes, and every time I learn a new skill it helps me reach the information I want faster makes the assignment so much easier. So this is one of my goals this semester to learn better way to conduct research. I can achieve that goal through the pathway’s presentation, and through class. Another area I want to enhance is my presentation skills, my goal the past year was to be confident and sure of myself while speaking in front of an audience, so I don’t stutter, or panic and I completed that goal. Now I want to learn how to offer presentations that grab my audience’s attention and deliver my message better. Another goal is to learn how to write and analyze better, I think this goal could be worked on through the class assignments we have. As well as learn how to do better research and reach my information faster. These are my goals that I want to focus on in my digital literacies, that’s why I chose the Taught pathway as a step closer to achieving one of the goals. 

This pathway feels like the most fitting pathway for what I want to learn and with what interests me. The tinkering activities seemed interesting, but when I skimmed through them none of them grabbed my attention. So, I decided to choose a topic that was beneficial to me, so I end up learning something that will actually benefit me. 

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