Final Reflection: Part 1

Do you always take courses you regret registering in? Are they too demanding? Do they mess up your declaration GPA?

I present CORE 2096- Digital Literacies, from Global Studies. In this course I can assure you, you won’t regret it.

Why should you choose this course? Because I took one for the team and took this course for you to be assured it’s the right choice. I understand your struggle as a college student wanting to declare, you’re probably looking for courses that are “an easy A,” I get it, trust me I do, I’m in the same dilemma. And here’s why this course is what you’re looking for:

   In this course we were taught using different techniques , our classes weren’t all lectures, there were barely even any lectures. We were taught using different methods so that every student found a method that matched their needs when learning. For me personally I have a very short attention span, so I found that class discussions and activities grabbed my attention and were what benefitted me the most, in comparison to lectures where my mind would wonder off.

 In this course I learned a few things that I’m happy I possess now: 

  1. I learned how to talk in front of the class and not be intimidated, and not feel the need to practice what I will say before I say it. I was able to do that because of the class atmosphere, it was truly the most comfortable class I took till now. The Dr allowed students to share even when their point was directly relevant, so she would never embarrassed them from sharing, which often professors do. That allowed me in specific to be comfortable with sharing whatever and not being worried if its right or wrong. So, I developed my confidence to speak in front of strangers in this class. 
  2. I learned how to evaluate information while researching for papers and assignments, through using the CRAAP test. This will benefit me in my academic life. 
  3. I learned how to share with strangers, in our classes we often used the first 5 mins to share how we we’re feeling, if we were tired, drained, excited happy etc. and sharing how I felt in front of strangers made me able to share how I feel with my own friends more comfortably. I usually never felt the comfort or need to share how I feel in general, but when I got to share it with strangers, it came naturally that I now share with friends and family too. Which makes communication between me and them so much better. So, learning this benefited me socially.
  4. Lastly, something I learned in this class that will benefit me in my career is being careful with what I post online, as employers are able to see my social media and what I post I may not want my future boss to see. So, I learned to be careful with anything I put out on the internet. Also, this didn’t resonate with me before, but it does now after I wore the hijab. Dr Maha once mentioned that she doesn’t post a picture of her with the hijab on, on sites that employers see. Now I feel like that is good advice based on good judgement, that I may be declined from a job because of a racist employer, and I will do the same thing when I create an online account for jobs. 

   To show you fellow AUCian’s why this course is great, I present to you some of my work this semester:

  1. The Game: we created a game completely from scratch, and although it wasn’t as easy as I thought it was a satisfying feeling to see something I created from scratch come to life. Although this was the most difficult assignment we had, because of the amount of trial and error it took to get it right, but it was the most “worth it” assignment of them all. I am proud of what I created.

Link to game:

2. My ALTCV: this was the most fun activity in my opinion. I got to talk about who I am, what I care about, what makes me me in a project; and we were graded on talking about ourselves 😉 who doesn’t like that!

Link to my ALTCV:

3. My blog especially my feminism blogpost: it was the first time I have a blog, and I enjoyed it, I like writing to reflect and all our assignments were reflections and sharing our opinions and I really enjoyed that. But in specific I liked this blogpost because I got to write about something I was interested in. For this assignment we had to option to choose which article or video (I cant remember to be honest) we wanted to watch/read and reflect about. And I chose a topic that was interesting to me and I liked talking about. 

Link to my feminism blogpost:

4. In one of our classes, we were divided in groups and were given a task to create a scene for, and me and my classmates came up in front of the class and played out the scene. That was fun and nerve wrecking for me, but it was the complete ice breaker for the class, which made us all more comfortable with each other.

   But like everything in life there are always things that are not-so-perfect, the things I’d like to change in this class to improve it would be:

  1. Possibly changing the Soliya sessions for sessions with Zan’s class. Personally, my experience with Zan’s class was so much better, nicer, and more beneficial than in Soliya. I didn’t like Soliya at all, for me it was extremely time consuming and it wasn’t fun, I didn’t enjoy my time in it, I was always bored after the first 10 mins. But with Zan’s class we all got to talk together, in Soliya most of the time the facilitator was speaking, or we were in breakout rooms with one person, so it was boring. My experience in Zan’s class was a lot of fun, I was in the group with the 2 boys and my mom was next to me and she was like this is such a fun class, because she heard us talking, and exchanging songs and favorite movies. So, we got to know each other more, and what was interesting to me and them. So, I feel like Zan’s class delivered the goal of Soliya better than Soliya did. 
  2. Another thing I would change about this class is increasing open discussions, I felt like in the beginning of the semester we had more open discussions than towards the end, and I enjoyed class time more in the beginning than in the end. Maybe it was because of the amount of workload, but open discussions allowed us to learn from each other’s experiences and allowed us to be friends. Which I thought was very nice. 

   So, fellow AUCians if you want a chance to get to know more people and make friends this class is for you, one of my closest friends now I met him through this class and talking together in the discussions allowed us to break the ice. 

   The kind of person that should take this course is one who is friendly because this is the atmosphere the Dr creates in the class, so if you judge people or give looks this class isn’t for you. But realistically this class is an easy A but only if you put in the effort and give it the time it needs. The curriculum is easy and what we learn is easy, but you should give the class the respect it requires and do the assignments, reflect thoroughly, attend classes, participate and share. 

   I truly did learn from this class, aside from the academic content it offered, this class allowed me to practice speaking in front of people, which was a weakness of mine. Now I am comfortable speaking in this class and in my other classes. So, I do recommend taking this course with Dr Maha and I will try and take other courses with her if any are offered.

She is really a great Dr, she ensures to make your academic life easier, and that’s what every student want’s to feel like their professor understands that their human too and not just machines to complete assignments. So, I am grateful I took this course with Dr Maha, she allowed us to use Slack for easy and fast communication, she allowed flexible deadlines understanding that each student has other academic and personal commitments. And lastly, allowed us to choose how we wanted to learn, to choose to read or watch a video, type a paper or record a video for an assignment. But in the end the most important characteristic of a person taking this course, is to be responsible, and not abuse the privileges in this class. So, if you have the chance to take this course you should 100%, you won’t regret it!

-For any further inquiries or complaints don’t hesitate to contact me at :)-

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