Development of my Digital Literacies

My digital literacies developed in this course through the material we took. We got to learn in different ways, like not all classes were lectures, there were videos, activities, readings, games, tedtalks, etc. So, I found what worked for me and what helped me learn and I benefitted from it. I think the area I developed the most in is how information online is presented incorrectly, or it could be biased, and how I can check the authenticity and trustworthiness of the information at hand. Now I use the CRAAP test to evaluate the source I want to use. I also learned how to protect myself online, to not post anything that I would regret later on, I remember Dr. Maha telling us about her incident with status she had posted of Facebook or twitter. I also developed in my creating skills that I was competent in, because of the game my partner and I created on Google Slides. Using the links was all new to me, and it was a skill I learned through the game creation’s process. I also developed in my ability to look for images that allow permission to be used, I wasn’t aware of that aspect before. Overall, I see the development of my digital literacies, and each development associated with a class activity or assignment.

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